Friday, November 04, 2005

Simplify, in small steps

In light of recent events, I am taking it upon myself to simplify my life. I've removed many of the links from my blog stalking list. I spend far too much time reading other people's blogs, and while I greatly enjoy this activity, I must cut back and be less obsessive. I've left a few links, and these fine folks have links to the blogs that I've removed from my list, so I will still stalk from time to time, while passing through. I've added a few people to my links. These are people who have shared warmth and compassion from across the miles, and I would like to gently stalk them so that I can return the warmth and send good thoughts their way.

One step at a time, bit by bit, I want to find my way to the place where I savor life, all aspects of it, more fully. So layer by layer, I must peel away the extras, until I reach that gleaming core.


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