Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A self tagging meme

I stumbled across another meme while reading the Old Horsetail Snake. I don't know why I like memes, lists, and the like so much. But I do. It's a self-tagging meme. How polite.

Fill in the blank:

Feeling ________ (woosy, just when I thought I was done being sick).

Listening to ________ (the steady whoosh whoosh of the Lactina).

Spent last night ________ (trying not to think about how I'm going to pay the piper come April 15th, 'cuz I just spent it all).

Missing ________ (my nieces and nephews).

Had breakfast of ________ (coffee, and a giant plate of imaginary hashed browns, toast, and scrambled eggs).

Thinking of ________ (how to expeditiously amass a nestegg large enough to live modestly and indefinitely from the interest thereof).

Would love to ________ (get a good night's sleep).

Planning to ________ (build my dream home).

Working to ________ (get over myself).

Favorite time of day is ________ (morning).

Always wanted to play ________ (Classical Gas on guitar).

Dreaming of ________ (being small and wearing fabulous things).

A dream comes true when ________ (a 10lb 7oz healthy baby boy is born).

Would like to French kiss ________ (Eeew, nobody. Not while I'm lactating. Eeeeew. I just can't even think about it. Eeeeeeew.)

Really hate ________ (seeing anything in myself that remotely resembles aspects of the things I like least about my mother).


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