Thursday, September 15, 2005

100 things about me

I keep seeing these '100 things' lists, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Here goes... no particular order...

  1. I am a half breed.
  2. I have six brothers.
  3. I have two sisters.
  4. I am the oldest girl.
  5. I am second of nine.
  6. Just before I started Jr. High, I moved to a rural town and our well ran dry. The only water we had was dark dark dark silty putrid orange. Our pipes froze every winter, too, so we didn't even have access to the orange water for months. We hauled drinking water from town in 5 gallon jugs and sometimes melted snow to wash dishes and take sponge baths. It was so embarrassing for a teenage girl. After I left home and went to college, my parents were able to afford to have a new well drilled. Crystal clear delicious water.
  7. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering.
  8. I graduated 'Cum Laude'.
  9. I'm quite certain I would have done much much better had I not convinced myself that it was much harder than it was.
  10. I only chose engineering because that major had the best hiring stats at the time.
  11. I minored in Computer Science because I liked computers/computing/programming.
  12. I used to think that CS was for people who weren't smart enough for engineering. You know... idiots. So I didn't take it very seriously, and I didn't go work for Microsoft in the 80s because it was beneath me. See who's the idiot (me) and see who's basking in their cashed in stock options (not me).
  13. I am sometimes a snob (see 12).
  14. I love broccoli.
  15. I can't stand the taste, texture, or smell of most squash.
  16. I'm deathly afraid of and disgusted by stink bugs.
  17. I love gadgets. Especially kitchen gadgets.
  18. I love tools, so I don't give my husband too much trouble when he buys tools, because secretly I plan to take advantage of his stash some day.
  19. I met my husband on the internet ( in December of 2001.
  20. I'm embarrassed to tell people how we met.
  21. We've lived together since the day we met in person, three days later.
  22. I'm embarrassed to tell people we've lived together since the day we met in person.
  23. We got engaged ten days later.
  24. He proposed via email.
  25. I'm embarrassed to tell people how he proposed.
  26. We got married 01 April 2003. I chose April Fool's day so I'd always remember our anniversary.
  27. I love my husband.
  28. I love him even more, now that we have a baby.
  29. I take most things way too seriously.
  30. When I was in second grade, some of the boys called me fat.
  31. I wasn't very fat at all. I had a little bit of a blubber belly, is all.
  32. More than 30 years later, one of those boys works down the hall from me, in a giant company that is located over 350 miles from where we went to grade school. I don't consider him my arch-enemy any more.
  33. I am 'morbidly obese' by the text book standards.
  34. I don't think I am morbidly obese.
  35. I used to be 'drop dead gorgeous' (according to a few people, myself not included).
  36. When I was a teenager and obsessed with the size of my waist, I told my sister that her waist would never be smaller than mine. (Teenagers can be so cruel.)
  37. I now weigh twice as much as my sister.
  38. I didn't get a car until after I graduated from college.
  39. I've always wanted to have children. Two boys and a girl.
  40. I'm 40.
  41. I don't ovulate (much).
  42. I got pregnant the first month that I started fertility treatment.
  43. I miscarried my twins on my 38th birthday.
  44. I took a break from fertility treatments (gave up) and started taking classes for foster parenting certification with the option for adoption.
  45. I had to plow through alot of HMO bureaucracy before I started fertility treatments again. When I finally got the authorization to proceed, I took a precautionary pregnancy test. It was positive.
  46. I believe in miracles.
  47. I've had a life prayer that I've prayed for most of my life, to become a mother before I'm 40. (I know not to bargain with God, and impose time limits, but I did it just the same.)
  48. I gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy 2 months and 2 weeks before I turned 40.
  49. I believe what the bible says about the holy spirit.
  50. I believe the bible is God's word.
  51. I don't go to church.
  52. I love to sing.
  53. I don't sing very well, but sometimes it seems like I do.
  54. I think Bono is my soul-brother.
  55. I love alot of music by the Who, the Moody Blues, and Pink Floyd.
  56. I loathe the marijuana culture.
  57. I was involved in long-term (non-consecutive) relationships with not one, but two, marijuana addicts.
  58. Almost every boyfriend I've ever had was a drummer.
  59. I freaked out when my husband expressed interest in playing the drums.
  60. I used to be in love with Barry Manilow.
  61. And Johnny from Emergency 1.
  62. And Luke Skywalker. In fact, I used to daydream that I had a horrible life threatening disease like leukemia, and he (Mark Hamill) would be moved by that, come to my bedside, and fall deeply in love with me. Such drama. Acccckkkk, how embarrassing to admit that, and even to have ever thought such a thing! AAcccccckkkkk!!!!
  63. Shortly thereafter, I switched my infatuation to Harrison Ford, who remained hot until the Calista Flockhart mid-life crisis incident.
  64. I think Ed Harris is hot. My husband never lets that one rest; he is very amused by it.
  65. I don't like blondes. (Not that I don't like them, but given the preference, and if I were that superficial, I'd choose a dark-haired man over a blonde.)
  66. I married a blonde man.
  67. I have a blonde baby. So I LOVE blondes!! He is so beautiful.
  68. I like to design and make things. All kinds of things. Like fountains, furniture, toys, costumes, gadgets, gizmos, web sites.
  69. I don't actually complete many of said designs/projects.
  70. I like to paint.
  71. I like to write.
  72. I like to go outside in a torrential downpour and turn my face toward the sky.
  73. I'm a leather snob. It doesn't have to be name brand, but it has to have just the right weight, texture, sheen, etc. for its given application.
  74. I love hot hot hot spicy food.
  75. I want to write a book some day. And have it be a bestseller.
  76. I'm designing my next home, which I plan to participate heavily in the construction thereof.
  77. I want to start my own business and have it be wildly successful.
  78. I love TV shows and films. They calm me down because I get too stressed out over too many things.
  79. I get too stressed out over too many things.
  80. I cry during tv shows and movies when sad things happen.
  81. Especially the news. I don't like to watch the news. I don't like to see people's babies washed away by tsunamis and hurricanes and such.
  82. I intentionally ate half a piece of spice cake laced with hashish in Amsterdam, for the 'full Amsterdam experience' and also in retaliation to my then-boyfriend's accusations of my hypocrisy for passing judgement against the recreational use of mind altering substances when I'd never walked a mile in those shoes, so to speak.
  83. I'll never do that again, and my opinion about mind-altering substance use remains intact. But the blue spaghetti that I had for supper that evening was the best ever. I don't remember what turned it blue, but it had nothing to do with the hash. Honestly.
  84. On a camping trip once, in a beautiful forest by a crystal clear stream, I danced naked in the pouring rain by a blazing bonfire in the middle of the night with my face lifted up to heaven. It was bliss. Later the rain stopped and the stars came out. It was magical.
  85. I climbed a mountain (a small one) once.
  86. I've seen signs and wonders when I was paying attention.
  87. I sang an Ode to Joy in the tongue of angels, standing alone under a marbled dome in the cemetary where Beethoven is buried (Vienna). It was ethereal.
  88. I don't know anything about wine, but I love cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and merlot.
  89. I'm a coffee and tea snob. Not by name brand, but the flavor, smoothness, color, etc. are of utmost importance to me. Rich and smooth, not bitter. I'm very particular that way.
  90. With regard to cars and things mechanical. I used to change my own oil. I even changed out a starter. Twice.
  91. My name is on a patent as a co-inventor. (Not because of my own initiative, but my lead began the submission process on a project which he, I, and one other person worked together on.)
  92. It made the top ten inventions list that year. At the award ceremony, the vice-president, not knowing me from Jack, introduced me as Mister Squished Piggy. I was the only woman honored at that event.
  93. I secretly enjoyed the smug feeling I experienced when his face turned beet red as he realized his faux pas.
  94. I don't like wastefulness.
  95. I am very frugal. Most of the time. Except when I buy my husband things like a hot tub, a new truck, and an obscene big screen tv*. Call me sugar mama. Why is it that I can put out thousands of 'crazy dollahs' for something he wants with barely a blink of the eye, but I'll interrogate him if he wants to order something that's not on the dollar menu if we go through the McDonald's drive thru? And I'll hmm and haw about buying myself anything, and research it to death, then feel guilty if I buy it, especially if it costs more than twenty bucks. What is wrong with me? Puh-leeeeeeeze. *Okay. Those are all one time deals. Hot tub in lieu of honeymoon, which I regret getting, as I realize that I don't like hottubs... Why? Standing water, stagnating, all manner of who knows what lurking, growing in it. Sure, there are chemicals and treatments, but it's still the same water. Ewwwwww. Not to mention the whole getting wet thing. Sometimes I don't feel like getting wet. Hard to explain. The rest? All part of my master plan to build the dream home in the state of my youth. He gets his wish list. I get mine. It's all fair.
  96. I recycle.
  97. I compost.
  98. I love books. The look, the smell, the feel. Hardbound is best. Leather hardbound is bestest.
  99. I have the complete Oxford English Dictionary, 12 volumes plus supplement, first edition, second printing.
  100. I like disco. (Who ever admits to that one?!) It's fun!!


Blogger Suse said...

6. I had no idea you had no water and had to melt snow to wash!

13. Me too.

34. You're not.

35. You are.

51. Me too.

52. Me too.

53. Me too.

55. And Sting.

60. OH MY GOD, ME TOO!!!!!

... and me too to many more but it's time I stopped monopolising your space, Mr Squished Piggy.

7:30 PM, September 15, 2005  

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