Sunday, November 06, 2005

A rant on vandalism

We are not uppity well-to-do uppercrusters. Okay, admittedly, I am a snob sometimes, but I'm working on that, and I'm not a complete snob, and am actually quite humble here and there, depending on the subject matter. I am very well acquainted with the low income lifestyle and the school of hard knocks.

We have a new truck. It's quite a nice vehicle, and it cost a fortune (in my book, but I am also known for being a tightwad, the queen of thrift, or, as others who live hereabouts might sometimes say, the Fun Police, Party Pooper, Party Police). We got a flat tire, not too long ago. Upon closer investigation, the cool cat discovered that somebody deliberately jammed a peanut into the valve stem so as to cause a slow leak. Now, what I want to know, is WHY? Why would somebody do this? Give us a flat tire because we have a fancy new ride, and they don't? Peanuts, to my knowledge, do not naturally occur in valve stems.

We passed a large new truck on the road today, while I was ranting, and I noticed a long scratch, from the passenger door to the rear quarter panel. It certainly looked like a key scratch to me. Further fueling my tirade. There must be new truck goblins that flit about, looking for squeaky clean vehicles to teach a lesson, to show the what for.

Very annoying. Especially when some people work very hard for a living, and scrimp and save and make sacrifices for years in order to be able to do something monumental like buy a new vehicle. Which they intend to make last for at least the next decade or two. Sometimes appearances may be that things come easier to the haves than the have nots. Just know this, like my friend Earl says, Karma has a way of finding these things out and settling the score.


Blogger yaya said...

My Uncle (who has never worked a day) always comments on our "new" acquisitions (I say new but they are usually retro vintage finds!). I used to ignore him but his comments made me fume on the inside - so one day I sfter he had called me "moneybags" and asked "have you won the lottery or something", I calmly looked over at him and said: "I work 2 jobs and six days a week and M (my hubby) works over 62 hours a week -when did you last work a decent day?" He hasn't commented since! Some people aren't worth the rage - hope you are okay..Yaya

4:40 PM, November 06, 2005  

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