Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

The self-documentary continues.

There's nothing as sweet as snuggling with my boy, first thing in the morning.
My bed hasn't been made since I was single. This is a small point of contention, as I am learning to pick my battles. I'm the first one up, always, so it doesn't get made. Ever.
But isn't this a fabulous quilt? My mother made this for me, and it was a wedding gift. There's a much longer story behind it, as it took over 5 years to complete, but that's another story for another day.
I told her the colors I liked, and gave her an idea based on a greeting card with a floral vine and scalloped edges. Fantastic, huh? She decided to try a button hole (or is it satin?) stitch around one of the leaves, but having done one, needed to do them all. There are over a million stitches in this quilt. Did I mention it took 5 years to complete?
I've been working on a halloween costume for the munchkin. He will be the cutest viking I've ever seen. I'm nearly finished. I stained the horns using coffee grounds to get that battered dirty look. They were originally a very white flannelly fabric. I love the fur, but I'm sure he will try to eat it and it might not go over too well. There is a shirt with fur cuffs, leggings, a tunic with a fur collar, a pair of boots with fur cuffs, and hat with horns and fur trim. Very fierce. I was going to make him a fleece bludgeon, but I'm running out of steam.
Working. See, my hair is shiny. I took a shower and got dressed today. I went in to the office for half a day this morning. At home, my desk is still a mess, and my office is still a cave. But I had a good time in the other office. It was good to be around people.
I have a pimple under my nose, in a very sensitive spot. Ouch. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if I would leave it alone. But I can't do that. I like this photo perspective. It sheds a good 50 lbs. That's why the cool cat always thinks these are old pictures, because I look skinny. No, I tell him. I took it today.


Blogger Suse said...

I love that quilt. It is awe-inspiring. It would have taken me 15 years to complete.

Ouch to the pimple. I have one in the hollow of my chin just below my lip today. But hey, my hair is shiny.

Hey, isn't the internet just so wonderful? Two old friends can commiserate about their blemishes across the oceans, in public, instantly. You gotta love modern technology.

6:09 AM, October 19, 2005  

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