Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In lieu of football

The boys enjoyed the game. They were boisterous with enthusiasm. The seats were good, in the sense that they were close to the action, but directly behind the camera crews, so details were sometimes blocked. They were especially pleased with the proximity to the cheerleading constituent, however, and immensely enjoyed the scenery. A good time was had by all, and as an added benefit, the home team trounced the opponent. It was nice to see such happy smiles on my brothers' faces.

Sports spectatorship is not for me. Shopping used to be my sport, back in the day. These days I'm much more focused on building my nest (and wishfully the nestegg to go with it). But I decided to treat myself to a little sumpin-sumpin, in lieu of the pro sports outing(s). I did tell the cool one that I bought a bracelet, and I showed it to him. I just didn't tell him it was in lieu of the game or how much it cost. Shhhhh! It cost more than his ticket. He is going to another game in the near future, however, so the two combined probably come out about the same.
It's a simple little bracelet, with a puffy heart charm. I've been sort of thinking I might like to have a charm bracelet for a little while.
Isn't this the cutest clasp? And clever too. Now I can plant seeds in the cool one's mind that describe the kinds of charms I might like to add in future. Like a diamond encrusted initial. Right. Like he'd ever find one that meets with my approval. I would like to find some picture frames that I can fill with tiny photos of my Boo. I've seen some on eBay, but only made of sterling silver or unnamed metal. I'd like to have white gold so it won't tarnish or flake or turn green. I'd like a puffy cross too, but I've never seen one that I like.


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