Friday, September 16, 2005

Shall wonders never cease

I was just coming back to my office from the kitchen when I spotted something gross and ugly from the corner of my eye. Upon closer inspection, I saw this pasty brownish slimy stuff smeared on the lid of my chest freezer. I'm not going to get into why I have a chest freezer in my living room. It's a small freezer. It's mostly inconspicuous. And it's black. It actually takes me more than a few seconds of pondering, in grossed out wonder, what on earth happened to the lid of my freezer. And then it came to me. Peanut butter. It's peanut butter, and I put it there. Moreover, I planned to remove it before the cool cat got home last night, because I was sure he would give me a hard time for doing such a ridiculous thing as that. Phew, I'm glad he didn't notice it! However, I'm somewhat disturbed that it took me so long to find the memory lodged in my brain that I had done this thing. Honestly, I had no recollection at all.

Originally, there was a warning label on the freezer lid. I peeled it off, but most of it stayed in place. Oh crap, now he's going to ask me why I had to mess with it in the first place. So I tried some Greased Lightning from a sample I got at a home show a few years ago. I used a cotton ball to apply it. All it did was add cotton fibers to the gum. I peeled off as much of the cotton fiber as I could. Next came the windex, because it has ammonia in it, and I thought ammonia was supposed to do a good job with sticky things like that. Nope. Same result as before. What about hot hot water. Melt that sucker. Nope, wouldn't budge. Acetone? At the risk of dulling the surface of my freezer, I went ahead with reckless abandon. No luck. Dish detergent? Nope. But Dawn gets the grease out. It's supposed to work wonders on things like this.

Last resort. The old wive's tale (from my mother's best friend). Peanut butter. I got out the JIF (choosy mothers choose it, you know). (Okay, it's cheap because it comes from Costco.) Then I forgot about it. Until just a few minutes ago. And wouldn't you know, that label gooey gummy crap came right off. Right off! I'm a believer now.


Blogger Alyce said...

WD-40 works like a charm on stickers & tags. Try it if you ever run out of JIF... which you probably won't since you buy vat-sized jars from Costco...

12:55 PM, September 16, 2005  
Blogger Sarah said...

Hee hee!!I'll have to tell my hubby that, he'll get a kick out of it since he's a die-hard Jif fan. (I'm thinking of giving him that and a can of marshmallow fluff for a solstice gift since I only natural PB which he can't stand) Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!

6:36 AM, September 21, 2005  

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