Friday, September 23, 2005

A benign request, or so it seemed

The other day B2 stated, I'm thinking of cruising over to the city to watch a football game on the 25th. Anybody else feel like goin? He lives 'in the sticks' hundreds of miles away. We live in said city. Or, at least, a suburb thereof.

I'm not much of a sports enthusiast. Okay, not at all. But the cool cat got right on it. We didn't really talk about it. He just casually mentioned he wouldn't mind going. Fine, I said, not thinking much of it at the time. I like when he has opportunities to mingle with my brothers. A coordination effort ensued. I still didn't pay much attention. Will B6 be able to make it? Don't know. The cool one said he got three tickets. That's nice, said I. B6 not being certain, he invited his sister. She apparently loves football. Maybe L would like to go too, mused the cool cat. Yep, L thinks it would be fun. Oh, now B6 decides he can make it after all. Suddenly short a ticket. Or two. How hard is it to get another ticket or two?

A fragmented conversation unfolds and I learn that a single ticket runs in the neighborhood of THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Did I hear that right? THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Holy guacamole, what in the heck? I'm all ears now. And he already bought three tickets? And wanted two more? Funny, how this little matter of price sort of slipped past the radar. Oh, that? Yeah. Well. Don't worry, the cool one says. I found tickets on eBay for only $300 for all three, plus free parking. Woo hoo! Woo hoo, my @$$. It takes some effort to check prices via the normal means (like Ticketmaster), and then ultimately research, bid, and win on eBay. All this without a peep to me.

Not being a sports enthusiast, I had NO IDEA that pro football costs this much. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise. Those insane salaries they get have to come from somewhere. But golly-oh-molly, what is the cool cat thinking? We don't spend that kind of money on entertainment. I wouldn't cough up $60 to sit in the nosebleed section behind the stage to see my soul brother in concert, and here this man I married is coordinating this sporting event like we're the Van Gotrocks. It's highly unlikely that he can find two more tickets seated next to the three he has, says I, assuming they're legit, since they're coming from parts unknown via eBay.

So we begin to gently bicker. I suggest that he stick with the three original tickets and take B2 and B6, since they are coming from opposite directions and hundreds of miles. It's a big deal to them. He thinks I'm shafting his family and friends and giving mine preference, not seeing the logic that the Bs are taking time off from work, driving hundreds of miles, and his family and friends live here, and they're only interested as an afterthought spawned from B2's original request. Somehow I've become the bad guy.

Being the peacemaker that I am, I ask him to try and plan an event with his sister and friend at a later date, when maybe they can choose which opposing team they'd also like to see. So now I've basically authorized not one, but two pro games for the cool cat. He is SO shrewd. He played me well.

I'm looking forward to seeing my brothers. And oh yes. I will be thinking of how the cool cat can make it up to me.


Blogger Alice said...

I just loved this story. Incredible how quickly roles are reversed and you're made to feel that you are the 'bad guy'. I hope they enjoy their football and you enjoy your 'reward' even more, whatever you decide.

2:47 PM, September 23, 2005  
Blogger Sarah said...

wowza!! I'm not at all sporty either and like you had no idea that's how much tickets go for.. Yikes!

1:38 AM, September 26, 2005  

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