Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday show and tell

Today's theme - What you're wearing

I was going to cheat and wear something reasonably nice today, but I was actually called in to the office, so I donned something other than the stay-home-sloppy clothes that I usually end up in. I planned on a nice combo with a silk blouse and a skirt -- even costume jewelery. But I decided that I'd get too many questions at work about who I'm interviewing with and when I'm planning to leave. Fridays are casual at the office. So I went with the old standby that I usually wear when I go to the office, as every office day is casual for me. Things have slid in the last several years, and we can get away with much with regard to wardrobe. Shall we begin?
My wardrobe consists of black basics and a colorful coverup of some sort. Here we have the turquoise microsuede jacket. I love microsuede because it has a nice suede-like texture, comes in vibrant colors and can be thrown in the wash with no special handling or ironing. Hooray, no ironing!

I wear black boots almost every day. My last pair were Redbacks from Australia. Not the best looking, but very comfortable and very durable. I wore them every day for three years, and now the sole is compromised. I just got these, and they're a bit clunky. I clod along in them. They're alright. Not optimal, but they'll do.

This is the fall lineup. On the left are several black turtlenecks. On the right are microsuede shirts in a variety of colors. Most are plain shirt style and I wear them like jackets. They cover my many lumps nicely. Only a couple are more fitted, like the turquoise one featured today. I was feeling bold.

This is more realistic to my present lifestyle, working from my home office. I was wearing this until I got the call that my attendance was needed in person.

And of course the comfy fuzzy fucschia socks. They're sort of like a chenille. Very soft. Very comfy. But they attract fuzzballs.

This is what I wish I were wearing. I kiped this from my sister's giveaway stash. I am two of her, so this is a fantasy skirt. Pleats! I envision myself wearing a form fitting black turtleneck with this skirt, along with black tights and some funky black ankle boots or shoes.

I have these shoes, and they would work. They used to fit, before I got pregnant. They might fit again, in the unlikely event that I can fit the rest of me into that skirt.


Blogger blackbird said...

I love that you have your own uniform.
And I love those shoes...
I find it hard to believe that you are two of appear normal on my screen.

It is very kind of you to play show and tell with us...

2:32 PM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger SueeeuS said...

When one is like two, one finds tricky ways to fool the eye so as to appear as one. It's all an illuuuuuuusion. My sister is a size 2. She's tiny. Now if two of her meant that I'm a size 4, THAT would be something! Sure wish the math worked out like that.

The boots are Lugz, from a clearance rack.

3:30 PM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger Suse said...

Love the fantasy skirt, and the imaginary accompanying items.

I do like the turquoise shirt too though.

6:27 AM, October 01, 2005  

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