Thursday, August 18, 2005

I see how it is

That's what the Cool Cat said as he looked over my shoulder at my blog. "Oh, so you post pictures of Clayton and flowers and household items, but none of me. IIIII see how it is." So here are some pictures of CC, and of course Bugaboo.
Boo likes high altitudes and is learning to fly. CC will have to live his dream of flying vicariously through Boo.
Pops is showing Boo how to get up on his knees, in the hopes that he will dazzle us with his crawling ability. (I'm not in such a hurry for Boo's mobility for a variety of reasons. First, I haven't baby proofed the house. Second, I'm already exhausted without actually chasing him. Third, when he's mobile he won't want to snuggle as much, as he will be far too interested in exploration.)
This is entirely staged. Boo is holding himself up, but there is no forward mobility, and the happy expression is soon replaced with red-faced angry and passionate crying as he gets high-centered with his belly on the floor and his legs kicked up in the air behind him.


Blogger Suse said...

I love the way with our firstborns we are always awaiting the next stage, encouraging them to reach that milestone "come on, stand up, walk!". With the second, it's 'been there, done that'. By the time you have your third you're saying 'Get down! You're growing up too fast!'

I wonder what happens with the fourth child? (or the ninth, Sueeeus ;)

9:38 PM, August 18, 2005  

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