Monday, August 08, 2005

Shameful Reminders

I added a ticker to my blog to remind me that I should be paying attention to my health. To give myself a boost I calculated my '43 down' based on the high point I reached when I was full term with Boo. I lost quite a bit of fat while carrying him, and was actually down a whopping 62 lbs after taking a strong diuretic called Lasix, to combat the extreme edema that happened in that last trimester. Sadly, I've put some of the offending weight back on. Although 62 is a much better number than 43, 43 is still better than zero, so I should not beat myself up too much about this, and continue to remember that it's a battle worth fighting and not to give up.

Perhaps it's not psychologically good to call it a shameful reminder then. I shall try to come up with a more positive title.


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