Thursday, August 11, 2005


The thing I don't like about vacation is that I have to work like a maniac to get all the work done that is due while I'm planning to be on vacation. It's not so much like getting a true reprieve from work. I still have to do all the work. Grumble grumble grumble. I will very much enjoy taking the next few days off. I'm taking Boo to meet some of his cousins. I only wish my chauffeur, Mr. Squished, the cool cat himself, could come along.

On another note, these pretty things are blooming now. I think they're lilies of some sort. I'm surprised there's anything blooming as I yanked out a ton of bulbs last winter.

This is a mystery flower. I planted several last year and nothing came up. This year, these odd, tall, leafy and not very attractive things came up. I let them live while trying to determine if they were weeds or if I had purposefully planted them. Having decided upon the latter, I let them live yet a little longer. They surprised me with blooms --tiny bursts of flower atop tall lanky, leafy stalks. Not very impressive, but up close they're quite pretty.


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