Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saturday SAHM

I love Saturdays (apart from highway rants). Saturday is my day to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom, the epitome of my life, the dream of dreams I've dreamt for as long as I can remember.
Wake up, pump, play with Boo. Change his diaper, tickle him, love him. Breakfast together. Big boy oat cereal for Boo, old fashioned super thick oatmeal for me. Snuggle and play some more. Bake a cake. Make frosting from scratch. Actually follow a recipe with almost no alteration (substitute whipping cream for heavy cream and semi-sweet chocolate for milk chocolate). Package cake, paper plates, napkins and forks for afternoon outing. Feed Boo a bottle. Play some more. Nap time for Boo. Pack the diaper bag. Pump again. Read a magazine. Read a magazine!! (It was worth repeating.) Clean the kitchen, do the dishes. Have a salad. Jump in the shower (quick, before he wakes up!) Load the car. Pack up Boo. Hit the road. A nice Saturday drive. Visit an old friend. Eat cake. Play. Sing songs. Say goodbye. Drop by the fabric and craft store. Contemplate fountain designs (new project brewing). Look for bargains. Drive home. Happy boy. Arrive home. Unpack car. Play some more. Another bottle for Boo. Take a little nap with my beautiful boy. Pump again. Green beans and rice for my good little eater. Beets, yams, and potatoes for me. Sit on the swing with Daddy and Boo. Enjoy the evening air. Make Boo giggle.
Get tired.
Play some more.
Get very tired.
Night night bottle. Sleepy bye for Boo.

Movie time for Daddy and me. Download photos. Pump. Blog.

A glorious day.


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