Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh why not...the American Express Meme

Blackbird and several of her faithful readers commented about this meme, so I thought I'd give it a go myself...

My name....SueeeuS

childhood memory....A kiss on the forehead and a whispered “You’re a good kid” from my Grandpa while I was pretending to be asleep on Christmas Eve

fondest memory....Staying up late playing games and drinking tea with my brothers and sisters

soundtrack....The slap slap slap slap of my baby’s hands on the hardwood floors as he crawls to me as fast as his mighty little body can move

retreat....A woodsy place with a view of water, mountains, trees, blue skies, and white fluffy clouds

wildest dream....Look good in lingerie while performing lead guitar and vocals in a rock band

proudest moment....January 14, 2005, holding my son for the very first time

biggest challenge....Raising my child to be kind, strong, gentle, considerate, decent, and loving without giving him my ugly baggage

alarm clock....Set to wake to music on very very low volume

perfect day....The best of all possible worlds

first job....Youth Conservation Corps

indulgence....Blogging and TV

last purchase....Rapid rising yeast

favorite movie....Gigi, My Fair Lady

inspiration....hope of a brighter tomorrow

My so much better than I give it credit for

My card is....American Express in the Costco 2% cash back flavor


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