Friday, December 23, 2005


I see you!
I love how he smiles and plays, even when he's sick. He's had a cold for two weeks, and started coughing the other day. The coughing causes the gag reflex, which causes the contents of the stomach to reappear in the most dramatic fashion. We've been running the humidifier with eucalyptus oil to help open the airways. He became listless, though, and wouldn't eat or drink, so we went to the doctor. He has an ear infection, so he's now on his first round of antibiotics. As it turns out, all the kids in daycare have an ear infection right now. Imagine that. I am having to be very creative, trying to get him to take his medicine and not regurgitate it immediately. This is a challenge. And the snot aspirator? He fights like a madman when I come close with that thing. I'm afraid of hurting him, just from trying to restrain him while cleaning his nose. He's SO strong. And he fights with such intensity. I need him to breathe, though, so I keep trying. I wouldn't say I usually win, though.


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