Friday, August 05, 2005

Sweet Nectar of Life

My life revolves around milk. How long can I make it before the next time I must pump? It's a game I play. Mostly because I'm lazy. There is the setup time where I have to get myself locked and loaded. There's the time on the pump, which is usually 3o minutes, and sometimes more. Sometimes I fall asleep on my midnight shift and wake up an hour later (with bottles nearly full). There's the cleanup time. All the parts must be washed every time. Of course measurement is necessary. How many cc's this time, I ask myself, hoping I at least produced 90 from each side. I've learned that I can live with a six-hour cycle without too much pain or leakage, so I pump at 6 a.m., noon, 6 p.m., and midnight, plus or minus a bit. How long can I be away from home, without packing my pump? Life is planned in 5 hour increments (the 6th hour is for pumping, cleaning, etc.) How much can I get done, how far can I go, how long can I sleep (the answer is always 'not long enough'). These are questions I constantly ponder. I track, calculate, and plot my milk supply. I'm neurotic. I know.


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