Thursday, July 21, 2005

Confessions of a Costco Addict

I went to Costco yesterday to place an order for a birthday cake, and left the store with three sets of canisters (they were only $9.97 so how could I pass that up?), some tie downs and a cold heat welder gizmo (these are gifts for a brother-in-law), a huge pasta stock pot with a neat draining sieve lid thingy (gift for a sister-in-law) and a set of cookware pour moi. I stopped to admire a nice looking pan and fell victim to the peddler and her sales schpiel. I've been looking for the perfect 'everything' pan, as I'm trying to simplify my life and belongings and equip my kitchen with only the essential things that work perfectly for my cooking needs, but there was such a deal on the complete set package that I took the bait. I parted with quite alot of $$ that day, and have just found an interesting article about this cookware. This site, Cooking for Engineers appeals to my analytic side for sure. I think I've been had. (I must say that the non-stick demo was very impressive, though.) At least it's Costco and I can return it if I decide I can't live with being had, even if I make that decision months, or even a year from now. I still love Costco. I confess.


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