Monday, February 06, 2006

Snippets from sleep deprivation

  • I have post nasal drip. Again. I hate post nasal drip.
  • Sometimes my dreams are so realistic that they freak me out. Sometimes I wake up my husband and tell him about my dreams and make him assure me that they’re not real.
  • Sometimes these dreams are so realistic that I don’t believe him when he reassures me that it wasn’t Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the pipe wrench.
  • Sometimes I think I have a recurring dream, but I realize it might be that I’m dreaming that I’m dreaming. And this freaks me out as well.
  • Sometimes I get deja-vu. Like right now. And this sort of freaks me out too.
  • When I have a night like last night, I wake up wondering if I’m losing my mind. Or if I should call the police. Or at least say a few Hail Marys.
  • How does one pluralize Hail Mary, non-possessive? Hail Maries?
  • I believe there’s more to seeking pardon than chanting.
  • Is a person responsible for what they dream?
  • Maybe I’m a reluctant psychic. (More freaking out.)
  • Perhaps I watch too much TV, especially CSI.
  • The latter is the most plausible explanation.
  • Perhaps I am becoming mentally ill.
  • Also plausible.
  • Could be more freaking out if I don’t stop thinking.
  • The baby woke up crying at 3 a.m. Heart wrenching crying. Was he dreaming bad dreams? Is he mentally connected to me? Did I dream the bad dreams before or after he woke up? I don’t remember.
  • He’s got five teeth pushing through at once. It must not be very comfortable. Poor little guy.
  • If I really did have a recurring dream, should I look into it further? Dream analysis?
  • I wonder if dream analysis is a bunch of hooey.
  • Or not.
  • Again, too much TV. Maybe I should write for CSI. I have material.
  • I need to load up on some romantic comedies or slapstick or anything light-hearted.
  • Inspector Clousseau, I need you.
  • I don’t always have bad dreams. Sometimes they’re quite nice. Most times they’re decidedly odd, but not without explanation.
  • I think I need to change shampoo for a while. My hair is all limp and doesn’t feel fresh, even though I just showered.
  • I am so tired.
  • When the mascara brush barely grazes the surface of the eye and the eye tissue instantly gets all gooey, it probably means it’s time to get new mascara.


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