Friday, February 03, 2006

Show and Tell - Favorite Bag(s)

What an exciting topic for me! I love leather! I love bags! Excuse me while I hyperventilate. Okay, I've caught my breath. Bags! Leather! Oh, dear, here we go again.

I must preface the dissertation with the information that, although I LOVE bags and leather, especially good leather, I'm very frugal and deny myself the truly exquisite. I admire the truly fine and exhorbitantly expensive from a distance.

I used this bag all summer. It's a fun style and a fun color, and has a surprising amount of usable space. But I am fickle, and I am through with it. I am thinking of sending it to a certain somebody who has a raspberry hat that it might match quite well. It doesn't seem quite her style... Yet, one word, and it's in the mail!

I have returned to this bag, which I grew weary of and stashed away for a time, knowing I would one day return. This is a souvenir I bought in Paris. How cool is it to say, in an uppity nasal voice, when someone admires it and exclaims, ooh, Paris, when they see the word embossed in a chic and understated type on the front, Oh this? I got it the last time I was in Paris. Implying that I often go to Paris. Of course, I work with men, and when I go out in public, wait, I almost never go out in public... Suffice it to say, nobody's ever noticed. But I love it.

It's probably on a par with the brands one might find at Target here, for all I know, but all the same, it's leather, it has a nice finish, and I like it. It's not perfect, but it's got some good features. It can be worn over the shoulder, or backpack style if absolutely necessary (although the latter method is not very elegant, especially on someone of my size).

Look! It has a matching wallet with a well thought interior configuration. Yes, it was extra, but I was on vacation, and when will I ever go to Paris again? I was just daydreaming this morning that my sisters and I could take a trip to Paris and see the sights, admire the paintings in the Louvre, nibble on delights at the corner cafes and stroll along the Seine. That would be a fine thing to do, indeed.

I've had these for quite a while. I'm thinking of putting them on eBay, because I never use them and there's little point to holding on to them. I couldn't quite muster the resolve to give them to Goodwill with the others I let go recently, so they are hanging in the office, waiting to learn their fate. The satchel/briefcase is big. The leather is extra thick and strong. It's not a name brand bag, but it was still very expensive (to me), when I got it. The other is a Coach bag. It was my ultimate dream bag for years, and then I found it at a thrift store (still very expensive, by thrift store standards). I had a copy that I had been using, then switched to the real thing. I actually liked the copy better.

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Blogger blackbird said...

oooh, I love that Lancaster bag and wallet.
Beautifully made -- they will last forever, which is bad if you are in the mood for a new bag!

I will post this afternoon...

6:39 AM, February 03, 2006  
Blogger Suse said...

Oh my gosh I just saw the raspberry bag! The one that goes with the raspberry hat!!! How did I miss this post? I adore that bag. How come you're finished with it, Miss Fickle?

10:49 PM, February 10, 2006  

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