Saturday, January 21, 2006

A matter of depth perception

Or lack thereof. What does it mean when a woman has three park assists in her garage?

It's not that I have trouble parking (although I did actually recently scrape my side mirror against a support beam in my office's parking garage). The thing is, I am married to a gadget guy.

One day I was pulling the car into the garage and was greeted by a dangling blue ball. When the ball hits the windshield, it's time to stop. This is parking assistant number one. Low tech. A little time passed. A new parking assistant arrived. A laser. Ooh. Ahh. Parking assistant number two. When the red dot appears on the left front dashboard speaker, it's time to stop. Groovy man. I just rolled my eyes at him. The other day the Park Zone appeared. The light is green as the car approaches, turns yellow as the distance closes, and red when it's time to stop. Parking assistant number three. It was on clearance, he says, as his defense.

The baby likes the laser one. He likes that red dot. He always looks up at it when I'm getting him out of his car seat. This bothers me. Is it just a red dot, or is it something that could harm him? I hope no more parking assistants show up.


Blogger smg55039 said...

Growing up there was a long 4x4 board on the floor of our garage. Let the car coast into the garage and when you hit the board, you were done.

In the New House, Dad (professional computer geek and innovator of the parking board) piled up a bunch of bird seed, dog food bags, etc. into several large cardboard boxes and stuck it in front of the concrete steps that one drove towards. Its a fairly sizable pile. No matter how far in you drive, you crush the boxes before you hit the stairs. Works great!

But for some reason, I don't think these subtle, low tech solutions would interest your Darling Husband. ;-)

Good luck with all the gadgets!

10:40 PM, January 27, 2006  

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