Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's my blog and I'll write the way I want to

It's late. I should be sleeping. But I have so little me time. Not that I have anything in particular to write about. I'm a good waster of time. I just wasted a good half hour reading through previous posts. Of my own. I ponder a bit over why I would be entertained by day-to-day things that I posted previously. There have been times when I've gone through old journals and read them as well. Consuming quite alot of time in the process. I guess it's not so odd. At least not for me.

Here's something. I love sentence fragments! Okay, I don't really. But I talk this way. Sometimes. And it's kind of fun, even liberating, to write this way. I feel like I'm a kid getting away with something. Something devious. You see, my dad is a linguist. A genius, really, as far as language goes. At one time he could speak, read, and write in 14 languages. Later, he added a couple more, speaking only. I asked him to teach me French when I was a teenager. It didn't last long. He wasn't very patient with me. Later, I took a semester of French in college and did quite well. I was the second best in the class. Excellent pronunciation, I was told. I would have liked to have given it more time and become fluent.

Anyway. About language. My dad would constantly correct us. No split infinitives! No dangling participles! Blast! Bloody Barbarian! I don't actually know what a split infinitive is, or a dangling participle. I know I've looked them up before, but I can never keep those definitions in my mind. I can't keep any grammatical definitions in my mind, come to think of it. Except conjunctions. Know why? Conjunction junction, what's your function? First person, second person, third person? I guess I could figure out first person would be "I this, I that", and maybe second person would be "she this, she that"? Or "you this, you that"? Is third person "Sueeeus this, Sueeeus that"? I don't know these things. I have a worn copy of Strunk and White that I consult if the need arises. But anyway, I don't care! It's my blog, and I'll write the way I want to!

So. I was thinking about dreams and recurring dreams and dream analyses. With a little forboding I mustered up the courage to google dream analysis. According to the experts (insert grain of salt) dreams of murder are about radical change, or the death of an attitude or belief within yourself. I've been thinking of making radical changes in my diet. I've been daydreaming of making radical changes in my lifestyle. I haven't actually done either.

I was thinking about those people who get bariatric surgery. It's scary. One in a hundred DIE from it. The lap band is supposedly the safest and least invasive. Before I read about what a post-op lap band patient eats, I thought it would be the easy thing to do. Physically render oneself unable to overeat. So why not avoid the risk of death by surgery and try the diet alone? I read up on the diet they have to follow post op. It's basically liquid - protein shakes - for the first six weeks, then low carb after that. Needless to say, tiny portions all along. So it seems to me to be very much like what I would call a crash diet followed by an Atkins/South Beach/low carb/diabetic diet. All the experts say not to crash diet. It's the worst thing. So how can the lap band be a good thing? Crash dieting screws up your metabolism. Of course I know it's true. I've done that before, more than once, and did hose my metabolism, more than once. The lap banders do lose the weight. Do they keep it off? Do they hose their metabolisms?

TV advertises wonder pills like Relacor, Cortislim and Zotrin. A little pill to make you happy and make you lose weight. They call it (Relacor) the happy pill. Can it be that easy? I wish. But I don't think so. I don't trust it. People died from diet pill crazes. Ephedra? I think it makes holes in your heart. I think one of my brother's (still living) compromised his heart with that stuff. Scary!

The simple answer, although not so simple in execution (for me, anyway), is to eat right, in moderation, and exercise. When I went to Europe the first time, I backpacked for two months. I walked somewhere every day, went outside every day, and ate when I was hungry. I lost 20 lbs and toned up and looked the best I've looked in 20 years, all without even trying. That was twelve years ago. The office job is not so good on my waistline. Or my well-being. But it does allow for the roof over my head. With the job comes much stress. Without it would come more stress, but in a different flavor. I'm now daydreaming of a lifestyle and adventure something on the order of Under a Tuscan Sun.


Blogger yaya said...

My buddy had the lap-band-thingy last year and although she lost a few kilos in the liquid weeks, she really hasn't lost anymore. She also has this problem now where she feels like vomiting whenever she eats certain things. Like bread. And pasta. She felt this on her 10 year anniversary. And it ruined her whole evening.
I gave up dieting last September - I'm not overly happy with my appearance but hey, it's all me. I just want to eat healthier.
I love the way you write. Don't change. Yaya

6:48 PM, February 12, 2006  
Blogger Suse said...

I love those linguistic details. I didn't know your dad could speak read and write in that many languages. That is truly incredible.

I vaguely know what a split infinitive is, but apparently these days it's considered ok (in some circles) to split them. I have no idea what a dangling whatsit is, or a conjunction junction function.

Ask Bec, she knows these things. (She's an editor or something clever like that).

Have you noticed that I am consistently commenting two days late? Sorry about that.

7:29 PM, February 13, 2006  

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