Friday, December 23, 2005

Show and Tell

Coats. Coats! Today we show and tell our coats for Jennifer via Blackbird.

My favorite coat is a deep berry boiled wool coat, very plain in style. I usually wear a paisley scarf of some sort with it. However, I seldom wear it these days, since the things I wear are quickly covered in baby snot and drool and whatnot. And I am not a fan of drycleaning. Those chemicals bother me, and somehow, in my head, I just don't feel like drycleaned things actually get clean. One of my quirks. I also have a white wool/cashmere blend coat that my sister found at a thrift store. It has its own shawl. I have yet to wear it, as it hasn't fit any occasion as of yet. Next is the parka. I haven't worn it since 2002, which is the last time I went skiing. It's a very nice coat, but I don't spend much time in blizzards, so it stays in the closet. The coat I wear every day is a plain fleece jacket. Fleece, yes, blech, yes, but I can throw it in the washing machine any time. Plus, I can zip it over me and my baby, if I'm carrying him in a front pack.

Oh yes, the parka? I am amused by its label. No endangered species have been shorn. And for some reason, this nylon garment is recommended for dry cleaning only. Perhaps because of the fur ruff? Why is it that animals in the wild don't shrink when their fur becomes wet? I think the easy road is to place a dry clean only label on clothes, and that way the manufacturer doesn't have to worry whether or not the garment will hold up through a wash cycle. It's all about quality control and cost savings.


Blogger blackbird said...

I like that greenish one that you haven't worn yet -
and yes, that is an odd label.

4:43 AM, December 24, 2005  

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